Life Unexpected, redux

Almost fourteen years ago I met a guy at church. I liked the guy. The guy liked me. Four years later, we married. Four years after that, we had our daughter. Two years after that, we had our son. I went to grad school and became a social worker and a Presbyterian minister. He gigged and practiced, practice and gigged. He recorded albums. He toured. He practiced, and practiced and practiced. He was nominated for a Grammy. TWICE. Lost to Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. If you’re gonna lose, you want to lose to these guys.

I pastored a church. We lived in Brooklyn. We figured out how to be a pastor and jazz musician and parents and a husband and wife who still enjoy one another’s company.

Life is difficult sometimes. Never enough time. Hardly enough money. But, oh, we are having fun. And, oh, am I proud of this man. He is a gifted artist– truly, truly gifted. And he is humble. And faith-filled. And kind. And generous. And the best dad of all time (well, he’s tied with my dad and my brother).

Today was a good day, because he is finally allowing me to make public (because it’s already public now!) a little of what he was up to this summer. It’s big, flashy, sexy news. It is a testament to his art, and to the friends and mentors who surround him and teach him and encourage him.

Ryan Keberle, Donny McCaslin, and David Bowie. Maria Schneider, pictured below.

Ryan Keberle, Donny McCaslin, and David Bowie.
Maria Schneider, pictured below.

Enjoy this big, flashy, sexy news. And then… listen to his stuff on iTunes. Get ready for his new album, set to release in February/March 2015.

Life unexpected… What an understatement.

About RevMcC

I am a pastor, licensed clinical social worker, consultant and workshop leader. I live in Brooklyn, NY, (the greatest place ever) with my husband and two children (the greatest people ever). I am an unqualified extrovert and lover of God. I try to live my life with gratitude, wonder, curiosity and intention.
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1 Response to Life Unexpected, redux

  1. Kim clayton says:

    Sarah, I am so happy for you and Donny! What huge news!

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